Western Canadian Timber Products Ltd is a family owned and operated company spanning 43 years. With longevity in the business plan and family involvement planned for generations to come, we need to be responsible stewards of the resource and lands we are blesses to work with. Planning, monitoring and education of our team is key to our success. Our workers don’t only work in the woods, we play there too. Brian Dorman, the management team and our employees are proud to work in this renewable, sustainable industry and take pride in working through regulation to achieve compliance and positive results.

Western Canadian Timber Products Ltd plants over 400,000 new trees every year. This is additional employment throughout the communities we work in, and something to be proud of.

What other industry can boast that it is 100% renewable

We are proud to be part of an industry that is the foundation for British Columbia. The Forest Industry and our company continues to provide jobs, economic activity and essential services throughout BC.